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Committed to amplifying the voices of young people in our democracy

Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen Uses Data to Measure the Impact of Community-Based Action Civics


Program data including student and teacher evaluations, classroom observations, and focus groups.


Research studies derived from engagement with external institutions provide valuable data by which to measure progress.

Key Impact Results
Key Impact Results

Exposure to Generation Citizen was associated with increased overall academic engagement. Student participation in non-GC classes increased after completing a GC class.

Generation Citizen’s curriculum is project based learning (PBL).

In a recent study, PBL curriculum led to gains in social studies and informational reading. Students using the curriculum experienced a 63% gain in social studies learning, translating to five to six months of increased learning.

The approach also resulted in a 23% gain in informational reading, or an additional two months of learning for the year.

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Students develop as civic actors in their communities by developing civic knowledge, skills, and motivation.

Civics Knowledge

Civics Knowledge


of Generation Citizen students have the knowledge to create a plan to address a problem

Civic Motivation

Civic Motivation


of Generation Citizen students developed  civics skills to engage in democracy

Civics Confidence

Civics Confidence


of Generation Citizen students believe they can make a difference in their communities

Empowering Teachers to Make a Difference


Teachers gain both content and pedagogical competencies as they learn how to facilitate action civics in their classrooms–skills that transfer to all of their classrooms.

  • Teachers were 3X more likely to have confidence in leading project-based learning
  • Teachers were 2X more likely to have confidence in supporting their students in building knowledge about and engaging with state and local government
  • Teachers were 2X more likely to have confidence in engaging and connecting to the communities in which their students live
  • 89% of teachers said implementing GC’s Action-Civics increased job satisfaction
Generation Citizen

Empowering Youth in Our Democracy Through Project-Based Civics


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