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Committed to amplifying the voices of young people in our democracy

Generation Citizen
Our Guiding 5 Core Values

GC’s core values are essential to realizing its vision and define the spirit of the organization. We expect all staff and stakeholders to uphold these values in every aspect of our work.


Grassroots Change

Every individual has a voice and the potential to change their communities. We believe all people play a role in the development of their communities and that meaningful change grows from local and personal knowledge.


Systemic Impact

We believe in big change, and always start at the root of the issue. We address the root causes of problems instead of focusing on surface-level symptoms.


Collaboration & Diversity

Our differences make us stronger. Our work is strengthened by incorporating multiple points of view into everything we do. We respect and embrace diverse backgrounds, perspectives, insights, and experiences.



We learn by doing. We believe that the process of trying can teach us as much as achieving our outcome. At the same time, we think carefully about the way things get done, and value learning from failure as much as celebrating success.


Open Mindedness

We are always learning and growing. We do not have all of the answers, and there are many solutions. We must be curious, listen, reflect, make changes, and operate with humility in order to achieve our goals.

Generation Citizen

Empowering Youth in Our Democracy Through Project-Based Civics


115 Broadway, 5th floor, New York, NY 10006

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"Where there is a woman, there is magic.
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