Civics Day

Equipping all young people with a real-world democracy education to effect change


Civics Day

Civics Day is more than an event — it is an experience that positively impacts and empowers young people to become better leaders.

Step 1

High school student representatives are selected from each Generation Citizen class to present their real-world civics project at Civics Days

Step 2

Students present their real-world civics project to Community Advisors made up of other students, community members, business leaders, GC Alumni and public officials.

Step 3

Community Advisors engage with students: posing questions, considering the issues students are raising, and engaging in intergenerational dialogue about community solutions

Step 4

Students are awarded for their success via our Student Changemaker award

Step 5

During and after the project is complete, students spend time reflecting on their impact and role as a civic actor in our democracy

“Generation Citizen gave us a voice even though we are so young.”

Ashley J.
Student at Southeast High School

“It has been great. I have learned a lot, more than just doing bookwork about government. I have an idea on how bills are processed or rejected, the cycle. Overall, I love having Generation Citizen at my school.”

Ryan P.
Student at Southeast High School

“It has been enlightening. It has helped me to become a better speaker and member of my community.”

Hannah C.
Student at Southmoore High School

“Generation Citizen has really shown me that even students as young as we are have the capability to impact our community.”

Abagail M.
Student at Southmoore High School

“Generation Citizen has let me know that I can make a change. It has given me an eye for politics. It gives younger kids a voice.”

Ashley J.
Student at Southeast High School

“It definitely influences how I view our community. It shows me what I can do to change what I am passionate about.”

Karly A.
Student at Southmoore HS

“It made me open into realization into what is going on.”

Sabrina H.
Student at Norman High

“What I have learned is that helping out in the community is very important and being able to do something about the issues we have within the community.”

Enrique S.
Student at Southeast HS

“You need to communicate to get things done. Communication is key.”

Alexis D.
Student at Harding Fine Arts

“I feel like Generation Citizen has helped me learn that I have a voice. That my opinion matters and that I can make a change.”

Maribel R.
Student at Southeast High School
Generation Citizen

Empowering Youth in Our Democracy Through Project-Based Civics


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