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We are transforming how civics is taught by providing real-world civics education with an equity-centered approach.

Generation Citizen

Today’s students are not citizens in waiting. They are today’s civic stakeholders, helping to write the next chapter of our history.

Generation Citizen recognizes that our nation’s young people are America’s rising leaders and innovators in community problem-solving, bridging the gap between lines of differences such as race, place, and age to help enact the inclusive democracy they envision. We equip them with the tools to lead through fellowship programs, alumni engagement, and leadership opportunities.

Meet Vote16USA Changemakers

Vote16USA is a Generation Citizen national campaign to extend voting rights to 16-and 17-year olds at the state and local level.


Meet Krisha
Meet Krisha

Krisha is a high school senior who has worked on campaigns to lower the voting age and reform civics education in Michigan.

Feeling inspired by this conversation and ready to take action? Visit Vote16USA.org to learn more!

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Fellowship Programs

The Rhode Island Youth Voice Fellowship and Youth Research Fellowships were both launched in 2021 by the RI Civic Learning Coalition (RICLC), a multiracial, multiethnic, and multigenerational coalition convened by Generation Citizen.

These fellowships provide a year-long cohort experience in which students gain hands-on experience working with their own state civics policy.

The Rhode Island Civic Learning Coalition empowers youth to use their voices and demand the curriculum best suited for our futures. It is a growing intergenerational community that fosters growth for the future leaders of our nations with the aid of adult allies, and pushes us to push boundaries and reshape democracy to best fit our needs. The coalition seeks youth who are not afraid to be advocates, share their stories, become vulnerable, are willing to learn and then teach others.

Jayda, Youth Voice Fellow

Alumni Engagement & Youth Voice

We work closely with former GC students to support community-based democratic participation beyond the classroom. We’re currently conducting in-depth research on cross-generational civic engagement, and will be publishing our findings in early 2023.

Leadership Opportunities

GC alumni contribute to our organizational strategy as full members of our Board of Directors.

Generation Citizen

Empowering Youth in Our Democracy Through Project-Based Civics


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