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Committed to amplifying the voices of young people in our democracy

Generation Citizen

Quality civic education is essential for an inclusive and thriving democracy that drives young people to contribute positively to their communities.

The youth of our nation are experiencing the same hyperpolarization and loss of trust that adults are, and have the most to lose if our democracy falters.

Generation Citizen offers tools for the rising generation to build civic skills and make America the inclusive multi-racial democracy that we need.

Issues We’re Helping to Overcome

Our democracy is in trouble.

Concerning Stats

According to the Harvard Institute of Politics 2022 Youth Poll, youth confidence in the efficacy of voting and civic involvement is dropping:

Concerning Stats

The percentage of youth agreeing that “political involvement rarely has any tangible results”:

14% increase in 4 years


Agreement that “politics today are no longer able to meet the challenges our country is facing”:

11% increase in 4 years


Our democracy is not equitable.

The American political and economic system was designed to privilege, include, and prioritize the power and well-being of certain groups over others resulting in inequitable representation and policies that disadvantage communities of color and low-income communities.

Our education system is not equitable.

Resources are not distributed equitably. Students from under-resourced schools are less likely to have access to high-quality, experiential civics education and social and emotional learning programs that help facilitate their academic success and long-term civic participation.

Civics education is underfunded.

Did You Know?

Civics education varies significantly by state from no civic requirements to requiring a Civic Seal to graduate.

Did You Know?

Our country spends just five cents in federal dollars per student per year on civics education compared to $54 per student on STEM.

Changing the Tides:
Generation Citizen, A Movement to Effect Change

what we do

Generation Citizen began in 2008 as a student project at Brown University, and is a testament to the power of young people when given the opportunity create change.

The students wanted to address a weakening of democratic spirit among young people, and started a collaboration with local classrooms to do hands-on civics projects.

Today, Generation Citizen serves more than 25,000 students a year in more than 150 schools across eight states and we lead advocacy efforts for legislation prioritizing equitable civic education, and foster collaboration through youth leadership development.

Meet A Student Changemaker

America G.

Emerson South Mid-High School

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

America G.
Recognition of Leadership

America G.’s project on preventing gun violence showcased her impressive leadership skills, earning her Generation Citizen’s Student Changemaker award, which was presented by her Generation Citizen teacher Mr. Gallegos.

Recognition of Leadership
In Mr. Gallegos's Words

I nominated this student because she is a natural born leader. She exhibits the passion, bravery and resilience every great leader demonstrates. Throughout this project she was the most outspoken and motivated student in our class. She constantly offers solutions and ideas to move our project forward. She exhibits two traits that I would like to see in all of my students: flexibility and the willingness to listen to others…Whatever her future holds I know it will be a bright one. One that she will take charge and do everything can to help as many people as possible.

America G.'s Acceptance Speech

Thank you for honoring me with this award. And, thank you to Mr. Gallegos for supporting me and my peers as we learned what to do to create a safer environment in our school…It is amazing to have a program where young voices are heard. It shows us there are people willing to hear us out and help us make our future a better place. Experiences like this help us know we have support. …. I hope everyone here today continues to advocate for change so our future becomes a better version of our present.

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