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Sunaina G. Rao

Sunaina G. Rao

Director, Learning & Evaluation

Sunaina is a data-driven education professional who enjoys only the most groan-inducing puns. She has worked with youth throughout her career; beginning in her teens as a karate instructor, including two AmeriCorps years, and many years in the field of experiential education both during and after school. With a background in Anthropology and Nonprofit Management, Sunaina seeks to foster environments that allow youth and adults to be their most joyful selves. To her, data is the tool with which we prove what we already know – allowing youth to foster curiosity and imagination is what helps them grow into successful adults.

Though she has read many important novels and texts in her years as an academic and educator, she will always remember where she came from; her Nancy Drew and Fright Night books are perhaps the most important parts of her bookshelf. Outside of GC, Sunaina serves on the board of The Octavia Project.

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