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Arielle Jennings

Arielle Jennings

Chief Partnership & Site Officer

Arielle Jennings has worked for over fifteen years leading and supporting mission-driven education and civic engagement organizations achieve impact. In her role as the Chief Partnerships & Sites Officer, she leads regional impact and partnership development across the organization.

Arielle’s passion for democracy education and educational equity developed at a young age with early experiences in political activism, community development, and service-learning. The daughter of a life-long public educator and social activist, Arielle believes that our schools and communities have a responsibility to prepare young people to be civic actors and center their voices in decision-making. Early in Arielle’s career, she worked in Boston and Washington, D.C. addressing issues of food insecurity, homelessness, and criminal justice reform. It was during these early experiences she witnessed the exclusion of marginalized voices in political and civic processes, fomenting her belief that our democracy must become more inclusive and accessible. She has since worked in K-12 schools, universities, and nonprofits promoting youth voice, civic action, and educational equity both domestically and internationally.

Arielle earned her master’s degree in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the George Washington University with a minor in human services.

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