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Scott Warren
Executive Director

Prior to co-founding Generation Citizen, Scott Warren was a student activist, on both the local and national level, working towards the end of genocide in Darfur. While working towards his degree in International Relations at Brown University, Scott successfully lobbied for the divestment of the University, city of Providence, and the state of Rhode Island from companies doing business with the Sudanese government, thus preventing funds from reaching the genocidal regime.

Additionally, Scott served as the Executive Director of STAND, a national student anti-genocide coalition. STAND encouraged students to work together to create political campaigns for US action to prevent and end genocide, and create a permanent student anti-genocide constituency. During Scott’s tenure, STAND grew to include over 800 high school and college chapters, raised more than $200,000 in one day, helped pass a national divestment bill and other landmark anti-genocide legislation at the state and federal level, positively changed numerous candidate platforms during the 2008 election cycle to reflect a platform on action in Darfur, hosted several national rallies and events, recruited thousands of new activists, and received frequent media attention from notable sources such as the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post. Scott has also been a frequent public speaker on the Darfur movement, grassroots organization, and student activism.

For Scott, two key concepts were shaped from his activism experiences, and became the foundation for Generation Citizen. First, the most effective way of encouraging student civic engagement stems from an action-oriented platform. Second, the majority of secondary students across the country simply have not developed the skills or mindset to become involved and engaged in their community. With these experiences, and goals, in mind, Scott hopes to encourage high school students nationwide to contribute in an affirmative way to their community, and help build the next generation of community leaders.